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Mehmet Zeki Akıllıoğlu
Chairman&CEO of Omnifinancial, 

Mehmet Zeki Akıllıoğlu is a banker with extensive banking, leasing, business expertise and government / industry contacts on top levels.  Akıllıoğlu, leading a well-known state bank for years and having managerial/consultancy experience in top of the range industrial companies, has worldwide recognition and honors.

M.Zeki Akıllıoğlu, being the founder and chairman of the first association in Turkish financial leasing industry, had been nominated as the 'Young Lessor of the Year' by EUROMONEY / Asset Finance & Leasing Digest. Being the first and the only Turkish national to receive such an honor in leasing industry, had given his speech during the ceremony in World Leasing Convention in Paris in May 1992.

 Regarding his banking career, M.Zeki Akıllıoğlu, during his years in  managing a state bank, had introduced an alternative way of privatizing  state banks which was supported by authorities of state and was named  'the division' method. Successfully applying this method to his bank, Mr.  Akıllıoğlu has played key role in gaining AnadoluBank and DenizBank  back to the Turkish Banking Industry. Many articles of him had been  published regarding banking and leasing sectors, general economic  conditions and privatization.

 Mr. Akıllıoğlu had been elected and served as one of the two auditing  members of Turkish Banking Association during the years 1994, 1995,  1996 and 1997. He is a full member of American Chamber of  Commerce  in İstanbul, honorary member of Sarıyer Rotary Club, and  his company,  Omnifinancial Co. is an associate member of European  Private Equity &  Venture Capital Association (


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