A Brief Description of 
Private Equity
  Type of Exim

Financial Structuring ::

Financial re-structuring of companies is one of Omnifinancial's expertise as can be seen on the references. 

Transfering or shifting short term loans to medium to long term credit facilities in accordance with the economic developments both in the country and in the company herself. 

Long term capital and / or institutional invester search when and where necessary.

Business Development ::

Both Turkish and foreign companies may enhance business by engaging Omnifinancial via its representations to study their markets, find export opportunities, identify agents and distributors, perform due diligence and provide in-depth country analysis. Omnifinancial relationship has added experienced judgment, knowledge of today's world marketplaces and viable sales leads to the customer's capabilities

Joint Venture ::

Together with the financial re-structuring and business development activities and in accordance with company policies, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions may take place for the sake of long term benefits of the customers.


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