A Brief Description of 
Private Equity
  Type of Exim

The sub effect of equity investment is in depth analysis of the international markets. So, together with the financing, business development and marketing support might also take place. In return, Omnifinancial, via its representations, may act as the international marketing arm for manufacturing and service firms.

Typically, a client company gives exclusive territorial marketing rights for its products / services. Others retain to develop and establish markets and distribution networks for their products in designated regions or countries. Still others seek assistance to sell products for a specific project.

As can be seen in the worldwide references marketing and business development clients include manufacturers and services companies in an wide range of industries to include:

» Power generating equipment 
» Telecommunications / electronics
» Aircraftt parts and services 
» Industrial machinery and equipment
» Computers and peripherals
» Medical supplies and equipment
» Transportation equipment
» Consumer products
» Textiles

Worldwide references»

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