A Brief Description of 
Private Equity
  Type of Exim

Securing contacts / loans for major projects ::

Private European
Equity Investment Fund representatives' works with established international companies providing them with government relations and marketing expertise to pursue diverse, large-scale projects in specific countries, particularly in Asia, the Middle East, Italy and United States.

Projects in which Fund Representatives have been or are currently involved include:

        » pover generating plants 
» industrial development and petrochemical projects
» aviation services
» environmental pollution control programs
» telecommunication systems
» computerization programs

 Structure financing for investments ::

Together with the Fund representation, Omnifinancial works with various investment instutions including banks, investment trusts and investment funds. 

The lender or the project owner will normally provided up to 100% financing for any project where a comprehensive and complete business plan has been developed and for which the due diligence verifies that the information is correct and the project is viable.

Establish joint ventures and business relationships ::

Representatives are well experienced in licencing and establishment of new operating companies, structuring  joint ventures for international companies and involve in the projects necessitating transfers of technology and know-how.

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